A Year Has Passed

A year has passed

So many days flew fast

Now that I haven’t seen you

Spoken to you

Heard you crying and shouting words in rhymes

Forgetting me too

My pain

Your knives

And if I walk by you

Would I walk through?

Cause the butterflies in my stomach

Still fly with the dust of you

And my feet still tremble

To the words of your mouth

I play your recording in repeat

So I can watch myself breakdown

But I haven’t seen you

I now have

Two jobs

Old city

Old car

New house

New bar

I no longer see you

With my blackcurrant cider

With you crawling up my spine

Like a huge spider

And I faint

To the sound of your voice

To the velocity of your acts

To the seriousness of your chats

But it wasn’t my choice to leave

But I run through the city

Like a wind blows a leaf

And I fall to the ground

Like I fell in your part of town

But now I’m home


Home ‘cause I was home there

But I was too alone to share with you

You were too busy to care about me too

Now I run through the city

You run every gig

I strive to have no pity

The day we fell off a cliff

And you think

I’m too insane to live

I think your gift is too brave to be sane

Still I maintain

The loudness of my dreams

Your ghosts in my beams

Your heart I hear pounding

Across the sea

And the tunnel to Paris

That brings you closer to me

I used to die to your presence

It used to highlight my essence

Now I crumble to the ground

To your poetry

And your sound

In your mic

Oh it does strike

My heart

With words and rhymes

Jumping in verses

I thought they would heal me

But my heart just

Gets worse

You could steal me

For a day or two

Pretending we never met

So I could say I love you

But this is all I get

And I’m insane enough

To maintain

My dream of seeing you again

My ghost

My lover

My friend

But the world turns

It likes to spin on itself

I never closed your book

I never found a shelf

Maybe one day

I’ll go to your pub

Get my blackcurrant cider

And die from your love

Like a fast car driver hits a wall

Your loss

My fall

Still here I lay in my part of town

Far from you

Far from your ground

Here the floor is hard to walk on

But I don’t hear you speak

There I had no door to knock on

But I wasn’t standing on my own two feet

And I miss you like the day waits for the moon

Like the night wants the day soon

Still I stand on my own two feet

Hearing your poetry to my heart beat

On my background

I feel your strength

I feel you there

Even though we are not meant

I’ll always care