I Follow Your Lips


I follow your lips

red and bright

staring at an eclipse

thoughout the night

and I wait

only for you

 all night

I´m holding tight

I´m cooking you roast

I´m picking up some flowers

and then I hope the world is ours…

but I don´t know

if you´ll ever come

I have set the table but the night is done

So I started with liquor

and tonight

I am going out

and I am dancing like a stipper

I´ll get some pumps

wear thick make up

so you´ll stare

at what you gave up

and tonight I´m not sleeping

I´m taking all your rhymes

making a puzzle from all them times you spoke

I´m decifering what you said out of your throat

up through my head

and figuring it out

´cause tonight

I´m taking my thoughts

down to my mouth


my sight is blurred

´cause you flew past me

many times as a bird

and tonight

I´ll run back to my tub

to end this rhyme

and sink in your love

´cause all this time you weren´t here

I thought of you

then I soaked in beer

then I flew right past the sun

wear the moon was clear

and the wishes were none

the birds won’t sing

the night will yell

my phone won’t ring

and I´m dancing though hell

and then I smoke two packs

so I can smoke you out

´cause I lost my track

what´s that about?

but I´ll leave it here

this is my last line

I´ll stare at a star

´till this dream is mine