She’s Waiting


she’s waiting
sitting in her couch
with her brain complicating
the anxiety of what is yet to come
she’s waiting
she gets some wine and sits down
lights up a cigarette
and proceeds to drown:
she’s waiting
for her phone to ring
just waiting for something
she’s waiting for the day to come
she’s waiting for the day to be done
she’s waiting for the road to end
for her heart to mend
for the train to arrive
she’s is waiting for the gods to decide
she is waiting with a lover in mind
she is waiting for some kind of sign
waiting for her nails to dry
for her hair to grow

for her work to glow
she is waiting
but it feels so slow
she is waiting
for something stimulating
but she is waiting
its aggravating
she is waiting
she is waiting
she is waiting