Your Love is Like an Orange

Your love is like an orange

acid and sweet

it stays in my hands

it´s round and complete

your love is like the skies

the sunlight kills my eyes

the clouds cover my view

that´s what it feels like

to be deeply in love with you

your love is like this planet

it´s crowded

it turns

it´s firm like granite

it rains and it burns

your love is like a pool

I swim I drown

Oh I´m a fool when I sink down

Your love is like laundry

so fresh so neat

your love is like punishment

so wrong so mean

your love is like hot tea

I drink it

I burn my tongue

It smells so good

It´s like your love

Oh why does it take so long to cool

Oh my love I´m such a fool

´Cause your love is like a handbag

I carry it round

Your love is like my breath

to you I´m bound