“The bluntness in my work is something I enjoy. The revealing of personal experiences and facts that shape my reality: self-revelation in a way, confessions in another. Mental and emotional states are underlined and present themselves obsessively rather than being repressed in a hole of the psyche.”


‘ This self-revelation occurs in the form of story-telling. It’s as if these works contain remains of undigested life stuff.


Obsessive contamination in a way, explosion of the self in another, I consider myself a confessional artist. I confess. Then it becomes. ‘

I create these monsters which come from me but sustain themselves in their own matter, I was just the mother. ‘


Let’s spill it all out. ‘



I’m Driving to Mars


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Tonight I don’t care about the stars
I’m going so fast
I’m driving to mars
With a bag on the side
Filled with clothes, shoes and bras
with pop music so high
in a road with no cars.

’cause Mars is just there
I’m racing against the wind
and tonight I don’t care
about words, thoughts or things,
and I had heard,
that the moon ought to bring
it’s light across space
to my bird with no wings.